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    How could I be so stupid, believing Finn still loved me. It's obviously Rachel he loves. But why would Puck miss me, we have barely spoked since he professed his love for me in front on Beth. I guess having a baby must mean a lot to him...but if I am just his rebound girl, I am getting out of there as Quick as I got in.

    Quinn pulled up out the front of Puck's house, deciding whether to knock on the front door or go in through the window. Maybe I'll just text him.

    I'm here. -Q

    Almost 2 seconds later Quinn's expensive phone buzzed with a message, she flipped it open and a little icon showed up New Message From Babby-Daddy. Whoops, I haven't texted him in so long, I forgot to change the name....Maybe I'll keep it as that.

    Ok, really, I don't miss you…

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  • Learachelmicheleberry9753

    "Never leave my side" Rachel pleaded, pulling Finn closer too her.

    "Rach, Burt and Mum are expecting me home by 11:00, I gotta go" Finn replied, trying to push himself off of the bed. Rachel just pulled him back on, to kiss him..again.

    Rachel sat up abruptly, realising somehting.

    "What?" Finn asked, grabbing her arms. "What's wrong?"

    "Don't you want to stay here with me?" Rachel asked, he eyes dropping down to the floral doona on her bed.

    "What? No!" Finn was astonished she thought such a thing.

    "Well, it's only 10:30...I just thought..." Rachel kept staring around, fidgeting.

    "What?...Oh. I am not just gonna go run off to Quinn's house, ok?" Rachel flinched slightly at the sound of her name.

    "Then why do you have to leave" Rachel complained, pull…

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