Broken – A Tartie/Tike Fan Fiction

As he rolled down the hall in his wheelchair, his cute wheels flashing, I couldn’t take my eyes of him. WHY the hell did I dump him! Sure, he put Halo over me, but look at everyone else; forgiving everyone else. But, I with Mike now, I make him happy…

'Tina!’ Mike snapped me out of the daydream.

‘Oh… hey Mike…’ I stared at my shoes.

‘So babe, I was wondering, tomorrow night we could go to Dim Sum with my mum!’ I had to lie to his excited face.

‘Great…’ I knew Artie would take me to Breadstix. He must have noticed my unenthused tone.

‘I thought we sorted this out after Asian Couples Therapy!’ Ah… Asian Couples Therapy. Why does EVERYTHING we do have to involve that five letter word: A-S-I-A-N.

‘Don’t worry. We’re going to Dim Sum!’

I walked away from my locker and into glee club with Mike. The whole time I was thinking about Artie. I couldn’t care less about the Journey songs Mr Schue was getting RACHEL to sing at Sectionals. It didn’t involve me! Oh… Artie, Artie, Artie.

*The next day*

I can’t stay away from Artie! I love him too much. I have to talk to him. I grabbed his wheelchair in mid-step… uhh… roll and pushed him into the janitor’s closet.

‘What are you doing!’ he yelled at me. I cut him off with a kiss.

‘W-what?’ it had been a while since I had kissed him.

‘Look, Artie. I still love you. I want to be with you!’ We kissed again.

‘You chose Mike…’ he protested.

‘Listen, Artie, you ignored me that summer. So did my parents, they sent me to Asian Camp… which was where I met Mike. I was stupid! You don’t love someone because they have abs, or dance, or are Asian! You love somebody because of who they are! And I realized that!’

We continued kissing until Mike burst through the door.

‘Tina! You’re cheating on me!’ he started crying.


‘I thought you loved me!’


‘We are over!’ he stormed out of the closet. I wanted to break up with him, but not like this.

‘Sorry, Artie.’

I walked away, feeling really bad about myself